Dental Implants

If you’ve had a tooth knocked out or removed, you may want to consider getting a dental implant. Simply a false tooth inserted in place of a missing one, dental implants can prevent bone loss and other complications from missing teeth. Dental implants are colored and shaped so they resemble your natural teeth as closely as possible.

What Are Dental Implants?

Implants are false teeth built to look and feel real inside your mouth. There are two stages to inserting an implant: the titanium post stage and the crown stage. During the first stage, a small titanium post is inserted into your jawbone, built to resemble the roots in your natural teeth. We usually give your jawbone three to five months to grow around the post. Once this is done, a dental crown is placed securely on the post.

For maximum stability or comfort, we can also reinforce your implant with a full denture or fixed bridge. All our crowns and dentures are built for durability and permanence, effectively giving you brand new teeth that if properly cared for could last a lifetime.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Long lifespan: Implants are built to last if cared for properly.
  • Easy to maintain: Unlike natural teeth, crowns don’t require much cleaning and won’t decay. With usual flossing and brushing, your crown will be looking brand new.
  • The post behaves like real teeth roots: Your gums will recede if teeth roots are missing, so filling in that gap with a titanium post is good for gum health. It also keeps your face looking full and symmetrical.
  • Positive impact on surrounding teeth: Implants don’t harm or put stress on the adjacent natural teeth; on the contrary, they offer stability to the entire row, helping to keep everything in its proper place. Implants are especially beneficial if you are missing a tooth, since a gap that large can misalign your bite and even affect your speech patterns.
  • Familiar feel of a tooth: Since your jawbone ultimately grows around the titanium post, the crown can withstand the same amount of biting pressure as a regular tooth can, so you don’t have to worry about chomping down.
  • Constant color: Dental implants will never naturally discolor; they’ll stay white and shiny for as long as you regularly brush and floss.

Have a Smile that Looks and Feels Brand New!

To learn more about how dental implants can correct and beautify your smile, give us a call or visit our office!