The saying goes that we don’t fully appreciate something until it’s gone. Well, teeth are no exception to this rule! Gum disease or trauma are the primary causes of tooth loss. Whatever the reason for your tooth loss, we want to help. Take advantage of our dentures services so you can feel young and healthy again!

Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures are also sometimes referred to as implant-supported dentures or arches. These dentures are held securely in place by dental implants, which are fastened to your jawbone using a titanium post. You can be sure that these dentures won’t slip or slide out of place while talking or eating, and the implants will actually provide greater stability for your jawbone and promote overall bone health.

Removable Dentures

As their name suggests, removable dentures can be removed at any time, and usually come in full or partial upper and lower sets, depending on your needs. As mentioned above, these removable teeth can be made permanent through insertion of a dental implant.

Fixed Bridges

Dental bridges can be thought of as miniature dentures. A bridge is one or more false teeth joined to adjacent natural teeth or multiple dental implants. They allow for only one titanium post to hold all the required replacement teeth.

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If you’re thinking of filling in those gaps in your smile, look no further than Alatorre Dental. Our top-notch technology provides a myriad of solutions to tooth loss. Visit our office for a consultation or give us a call. We’re excited to discuss your needs and get you on a tooth replacement plan right for you!